Archaeological Route

Archaeological Route Sencelles –Costitx

The municipalities of Sencelles and Costitx have joined forces to offer our common archaeological heritage and value its extraordinary wealth and diversity. Having created the only archaeological route on the island, which is active through guided tours and information panels. 

This route launched in 2013 joins six well-preserved archaeological sites, with which we invite you to journey with us to the prehistory of Mallorca.

Here you can visit on foot or by bicycle, 1,500 years of history in the space 12 kilometers, and where you will have the opportunity to learn from direct archaeological sources about the prehistory of our ancestors, while enjoying the rural environment and the most emblematic sites in the area.

We propose two circular itineraries. The first one is chronological, visiting sites from different periods and the second the visit of Talayots, the most unique and monumental prehistoric buildings in Mallorca.


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Guided tours:

(Possible arrangement for groups less than 8 people)

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  • Visit to one site: 50€ (1 hour)
  • Visit to two sites: 90€ (2 hours)
  • Visit to three sites: 130€ (3 hours)


Possible arrangement for a full morning visit (between 4 and 5 hours)